In 2010, James Parker gathered with a group of his closest friends and family to plan his life after high school. This group discussed James’ interests, abilities and passions and determined that James should open a shredding business. Each person in the group took on a task to get the business going, and a few months later Shredding on the Go was launched.

Since that time, Shredding on the Go has been shredding documents for residential and business customers and reaching new goals. In 2012, Shredding on the Go had so much work to do that we started hiring other people with disabilities to help James with the shredding. We now employ 9 men and women as shredders. For many of them, this was their first chance to earn a paycheck. In 2013, Shredding on the Go joined the Northwest Chamber of Commerce, and as more work kept coming in, SOTG started to purchase and provide shredding bins at customer locations. In 2014 and 2015, Shredding on the Go was a finalist for the Lone Star College System Small Business of the Year award, and in 2016 we purchased four new shredders to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for our services.

Our Commitment

As a business we aim to change the community’s perception of people with disabilities and set an example for other companies. Every year James and Renee Parker participate in a variety of events to promote the employment of people with exceptional challenges and share the SOTG story.