To shred or not to shred?

You have probably asked yourself that question before. Whether you have business or personal documents, there are policies that dictate their retention time.

Why do you need a document retention policy/plan (DRP)?

  • You must keep documents for a specific period of time pursuant to federal, state or local laws.
  • With DRP you will be able to easily locate important documentation and free up space by destroying useless paperwork.
  • A good DRP will aid you in any litigation that might arise.

What are the steps?

  • Categorize the documents you produce, both physical and electronic.
  • Decide how long the documents should be kept by downloading this pdf
  • Choose safe storage options for your documents (you can back-up the documents electronically or find a proper facility)
  • Do not simply sell your old business computers and hard-drives.
  • Make sure you destroy your documents using a method that renders them unreadable.

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